How to break in hiking boots

Hiking boots are essential for keeping your feet safe and comfortable while hiking. It is important to break in these boots prior to your hike to ensure they fit properly, don’t rub or pinch, and provide maximum support and cushioning. Breaking in your boots will make the process of long-distance hiking easier and more enjoyable.

Here are some tips on how to break in hiking boots:

Wear them around the house – Before going out for a long hike, try wearing the new boots around the house for several days. This will allow them to form to your feet naturally as you move around inside.

Go for short walks – After you’ve worn them inside, go outside for short walks, such as around the block or at the park. The length of the walks can gradually increase over time as you adjust to your new shoes.

Soak them in water – If you want an extra boost of softening up the material of your boots, you can try soaking them in water overnight and letting them air dry before wearing them out again. This method is great if you want a quicker result but take caution that your boots don’t shrink!

Use moleskin tape – If you’re having trouble with uncomfortable areas such as a blister forming due to rubbing or pinching, try using moleskin tape which acts like an extra layer of protection on top of those spots on your feet which could be sensitive during a long day out on the trail.

Make sure they fit correctly – Above all else, make sure that when breaking in hiking boots, they actually fit correctly before buying them as it’s very difficult to break in a pair of shoes if they are too tight or too loose right off the bat!

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